I view therapy as an opportunity to create the needed space to focus on you your relationships with others and with yourself. In doing so, we come upon your strengths and resources as well as the parts of yourself that can be more difficult to see and/or accept. Together, we can engage in a non-judgmental therapeutic process from a place of openness and curiosity, one that allows for a better understanding of your internal world as well as new and more adaptive ways of responding to the world around you.

I believe that the therapeutic relationship (the relationship between the therapist and client) is an integral part of therapy, thus the development of trust is important as is my commitment to an ongoing process of self-awareness and growth.

Seeking therapeutic help can include short-term counselling to address relatively straight-forward concerns, or longer-term/open-ended therapy to explore more complex issues through a depth oriented approach. I see both models as being highly valuable in the overall pursuit of growth and healing.